About Us

Sun Yin Crystal Industry Company Limited

Sun Yin Crystal, established in 1994, has dedicated to the production and processing of sapphire crystal products. Our focus extends to an array of applications, encompassing sapphire components for both smart and traditional watches, camera lenses, IPL laser devices, smart rings, and cell phone glass covers, among others. Continuously striving to enhance our capabilities, we integrate advanced automatic equipment and devices to manufacture increasingly intricate, precise, and high-quality products, meeting the demands of our clientele.

Environmental protection stands as a paramount objective for us. We have implemented a water recycling system and green energy initiatives in our operations. Over the course of three decades, our factory footprint has expanded to over 50,000 square meters. Our annual output of premium products has surged to 15 million pieces. Furthermore, our management systems have received validation through ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Five Advantages


Our own processing and AR coating factory

Annual Output

15 million pieces of Sapphire Crystal


30 years of experience in sapphire crystal production and processing


Delivery on time


Product quality is verified by REACH & Rohs test

Products and Marketing

  • Watch crystal
  • Phone screen
  • Sapphire crystal for laser hair removal
  • Jewelry
  • Medical equipment
  • Global supplier
  • Including: Switzerland, United States, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan
  • Long-term partner with famous brands
  • Highly recognized by the industry

Raw material source

The raw materials used by the company include Switzerland, Europe, Japan and China.


ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 14368
Rohs 2.0